Ocracoke Coffee


At Ocracoke Coffee Company we searched long and hard to find a bean roaster who can meet our high standards of providing you with a perfect cup of joe.  Our beans are roasted the day we order them and are shipped that very same day—ensuring you the freshest coffee every day.  Our beans come from several farms all over the world and are chosen from the crops with the clearest, most distinctive flavors.  We trust our roasters implicitly—they understand the need to balance each batch into elegant, complex flavors. We carry several single origin beans as well as masterfully crafted blends. Many of our beans are certified organic as well as Fair Trade Certified and/or Rainforest Alliance Certified. We’re certain you’ll find one you can call, “my favorite cup of coffee”


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Coffee: We have four daily brews: a light or medium roast, a dark roast, a decaf, and one flavored coffee.  Some of our beans are “local favorites” such as: Kenyan, Lightkeeper’s Blend, Ocracoke Sunrise, and our ever popular, COCONUT!  We’d be happy to tell you all about our roasts when you visit the shop.  We can also bag up our beans for you to take home with you.

Tea and Chai: We proudly serve SerendipiTea; drink it any way that pleases you, hot or cold. Each region has its own distinct taste, aroma and leaf. We carry over 30 varieties for you to choose from, most of them certified organic.  Simply come in and pick your favorite–we’ll brew it up for you…you’ll be transported to a small, quaint island paradise.

Espresso: At the coffee shop we take our espresso seriously.  Many variables influence the quality of your drink: mineral content of the water, water temperature and pressure, the quality of the beans, and the equipment we use.  For 20 years, we have refined and calibrated these many variables to provide you with the finest double shot espresso available.

All baristas who work at the coffee shop are trained extensively to make an impeccable  double shot espresso.  Your experience begins when you order your latte, mocha, cappuccino, Italian macchiato, Americano or breve.  Once ordered, your barista will set to work. This is where the fun begins, so watch closely!  Preparing espresso is an art that demands the accuracy and dedication of science.

For those looking for a little more flair and fun, we also go beyond the basics with funky specialties like the grasshopper, trail mix, vanilla caramel, white chocolate mocha and more! We’ll also serve up your coffee with an array of flavor shots if you’re in the mood to mix your own flavors!

We open daily at 7am (in season). See you at the coffee shop!