Specialty Drinks

Looking for something a bit different to enjoy on a lazy afternoon?  We’ve got some drinks you might have never heard of before — don’t be afraid to ask about them when you stop by. We’ve got ol’ favorites such as Iced Tea, always unsweetened but plenty of honey standing by!

Lots of our lattes are uniquely flavored such as the Trail Mix Latte or the Grasshopper Latte. We can make them hot or cold using whole, skim, almond, or soy milk. The syrup recipes are our very own and we are certain you will never forget them after your first sip. Recent additions to the menu include the Salted Caramel Latte and the Mocha Caliente–just a touch spicy but loaded with chocolate.

Looking for something refreshing and cool?  Try one of our Italian or French sodas. Our most popular flavors are raspberry, mango and lime but we’ll flavor it any way you’d like!

For the kids (young or old!) we’ll make a steamer that is dreamy. Add a shot of vanilla or caramel to make it extra special.

Or maybe on a cool, rainy afternoon you’d prefer hot chocolate with a dash of whipped cream–we’ve got you covered!