Bagels, scones, muffins, and CINNA-YUM buns—oh my!  Each morning the shop is awash in the fragrance of fresh baked goods.  Our bakers arrive each morning long before the sun is up to prepare mouth-watering, delectable breakfast treats.  Some items on the menu you’ll see every day include a variety of bagels (delivered to us straight from New York!) and cream cheeses as well as our ever popular cinnamon buns (fondly known as our cinna-YUM buns).  Some mornings you might find banana nut muffins, other mornings lavender honey scones—the specialty items are based on the whim of the baker, but are sure to delight (you’ll be beggin’ for more of the Morning Glory muffins!).  You might visit the shop each morning and find you can indulge in a different breakfast treat every day.  Be sure to let us know your favorite!